Hair Loss And Restoration – An Introduction

The process of hair loss leaves the appearance of a person scarred. Be it a man or a woman, anyone who is suffering from the problem of hair loss has to go through a very difficult time. People may discourage them as a result of which they may feel nervous in front of others. The medical fraternity has taken an account of the problem and has formulated a lot of medications for ameliorating the problem of hair loss.

Hair restoration techniques are a set of applications which can be used to reverse the process of hair loss. They can be of different kinds depending upon the kind of hair problem you are suffering from.

Hair loss can occur in the form of ‘hair thinning’ or it can be in the problem of complete removal of hair from the scalp. Sometimes, hair loss can also be drug induced i.e. due to the result of a drug induced adverse effect in the body or as a result of a ‘chemotherapy’ session in people suffering from cancer.

Hair restoration medications are available in the form of pills, shampoos, oils and lotions. People can use either of the applications, depending upon their compatibility to the type of product they choose.

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