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One surprising paradox is related to the curly hair: It seems its owner has more hair and actually the curly have the smaller quantity of hair follicles (volume is the cause of visual deception). As a result, there are fewer oil glands, and the following unpleasant nuance is the problem with dryness of the scalp and strands themselves. One can fight against it only with help of special care intended for unruly hair. One will have to invest much in twisted hair, but, how luxury the result will be! We collected the best products. You can find them below

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A strengthening mask for hair Frizz-Ease from John Frieda
A standard caring line of John Frieda for curly hair (the shampoo and the conditioner), but it is without any super effects. And here are additional remedies and products for a setting, nad they are faithful assistants. One of the confident leaders of tested products of the mark (and, we will notice, there were many of them) is a strengthening mask for hair operating with damaged areas. It slightly smoothes hair (it means: makes more obedient and neater), softens it and, in general, is protecting it against frost – sun – a hurricane – against all external irritators. Of all the setting products of the mark ,first thing get acquainted with a Frizz-Ease Dream Curl-Perfecting Spray – it textures a bit and allows to set hair without special problems at good dexterity.

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The regenerating mask Curl Recovery™ Melt–Down Extreme Repair Mask from Ouidad
There is a real disaster with Ouidad in some countries, at least in the Internet, and this is a really golden remedy for curly hair with brittle structure. We give you a link to Sephora , if you find “closer”, share valuable information with your friends who have the same problems with curly hair. The super mask is fine suited for the sensitive scalp and restores strands. By the way, the mask won a pile of Best of Beauty in different years of different magazines so that it deserves its money.

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Hair conditioner Grapefruit & Geranium from Avalon Organics
Although conditioner does not have the direct purpose for curly hair, the organic oil and extract complex is ideal for curls, -everything was extruded and squirted, which was met arm in arm. We will enumerate so that it would be more understandable: Juice of Aloe Vera, sunflower oils, of a shea tree, of olives, of buch leaves, of orange, of geranium, of jojoba,of grapefruit and extracts from marigold, chamomile and geranium. After this conditioner the hair is easily combed, they must only be a bit dried with a towel, problems with a setting are not caused either (of course, much depends on the product for setting).

A conditioner Color Safe Curl Defining from Sexy Hair
One more decent product of the base with effect of a deep moisturization and a comfortable comb. The specialists of the mark describe the effect of the conditioner by an incredibly tempting attributive – “it is reinforcing dynamics of curls from inside”. We wish you this dynamics. As it is in advertising: You are going and the curls are falling and tightening as in slow motion. In general, the product is very pleasant, there are plant whites, jojoba oil, and panthenol in composition. There a zero of sulfates and parabens. It is strange that Sexy Hair is not one of the most popular brands.

The conditioner Coconut Curls from Earths Nectar
One more rare conditioner which one can not pass by is the Coconut Curls structuring natural waves. For you there is gloss, protection against harmful environmental factors, and nutrition due to almond, coconut oil and palm oil in it. It is without parabens and sulfates. Earths Nectar has many bestsellers so that the main thing is to reach the point of sale.

The indelible conditioner “Control over unruly hair” from Toni & Guy
The creators of Toni&Guy are making wonders in the sphere of setting products, of their mouths, the word “control” is quite a real thing. Care for unreliable strands in a mode of all day long and comfort during the setting are to main things for which this indelible product is intended. Plus the conditioner has a pleasant aroma of a bergamot and energizing pink pepper.

The hair smoothing mask from Biopoint
All the masks of Italian Biopoint are unambiguously good. For unruly and dry hair an emollient one is suited best of all, it is sold in a menthol colored flask. There are the ceramides, the camellia and macadamia oils which work with structure of a hair in a product. It would be unfair to say the mask will straighten hair without an additional setting, but it will make hair obedient and really smoother (the product + a comb + correct movements)!

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