Advertising of Hair Loss Products

The advertising industry is thriving hard to bank upon the loss and thinning of hair with several mushrooming products. As hair loss is a global phenomenon and almost all the sections of society suffer from this menace, these companies have a great chance of making lot of money through their false and tempting advertisements.
In such a situation one has to find the real authenticity of the product available. First of all, never buy the products that have grammatical and spelling mistakes on their labels as it shows that these products have been made locally.
Secondly the products which claim to have been recommended by the doctors should be avoided as such concept does not exist in reality. Try to buy the products approved by FDA for hair restoration.
Finasteride and Minoxidil are the two products recommended by FDA. Lastly, go for the companies who have carried out actual studies to prove the worth of their product. The image of doctors on the label is another way of false advertisement and should be never opted for. The “Then and Now” images are the work of camera to mislead the customers. Thousands of products are plying in the market waiting for buyers. It is well said “Buyers Beware”

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